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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45600482
Closing Date 29 - Oct - 2021  |  33 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of boat spares - long block, mounting, oil pressure sensor, button, turbo charger, v-ribbed belt, belt tensioner, belt tensioner, fuel hose, fuel hose, o ring, hex socket screw, expansion tank, hollow screw, wear kit, oiil pipe.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45600519
Closing Date 14 - Oct - 2021  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply pressure gauge (0-10bar) er6151b-101200102003, highpressure gauge,0-100bar er6151b-101200126501, solenoid valve 82 er6150b-101014, pressure relief valve er6150b-101124, servo motor control valve er6150b-101004, solenoid valve ve83 er6150b-101041, prefilter pump shaft seal er6150b-202301, impeller er6150b-202304, globe valve/sampling cock pvc 1/4" bsp (f) er6150b-203301, oil seal er6150b-206111, plunger rod er6150b-206116, hp pump valve kit er6150b-206402, oil seal plunger rod er6150b-206422, spacer(v-packing spacer) er6150b-206439, tee pu4 er6150b-208006, flexible tube pu8 er6150b-503112, pu9 hose er6150b-503113, belt hp pump driving er6150b-705006, sleeve gasket er6150b-202617, split pin er6150b-202637, non return valve pvc 3/8" bsp(f) er6150b-203352, taper bush 2517 bore 35 mm er6150b-205114, bearing (hp pump) er6150b-205304, impeller er6151b-100100103096, shaft seal er6151b-100103001061, pu 4 hose er6151b-100802114101, pu 9 hose , transperent er6151b-100802114102, pressure transmitter,0-100bar er6151b-101200291004, pressure switch er6151b-101200351001, hp pump crank case oil er6151b-102200201002, pressure gauge (0-10) er6150b-104285, hp pump seal kit er6150b-206401, v-packing case er6150b-206434, hp pump male adapter er6150b-206437, o ring overhauling er6150b-206496, straight connector 3/8" er6150b-208003, permeate male elbow er6150b-208004, dolomite er6150b-302921, 'o'ring for head distributor assembly er6150b-701101, `o`ring cartridge filter housing er6150b-701111, high pressure hose to pt 60 er6150b-702102, hp flexible hose er6150b-702103, h.p hose feed inlet/brine outlet er6150b-702112, cartridge filter element er6150b-301016, flexible tube pl4 er6150b-503111, mounts for plant er6150b-703211.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 45648463
Closing Date 12 - Oct - 2021  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stationery items at dr. amberdkar ihm sector 42 d #*. copier paper (full scape) , spectra copier paper, copier paper , trident, pencil (natraj hp black), pencil (camlin hp black), correction pen (camlin), high lighter (faber castell), ohp marker (luxor), permanent marker (luxor 1222) multi colour, white board marker (luxor 1223) multi colour, pilot pen hi-tech point v - 5 (luxor) multi colour, reynolds pen 045 (multi colour), reynolds 0.45 refill (multi colour), montex smooth flow pen red/blue, montex smooth flow pen refills red/blue, reynolds racer gel pen (multi colour), erazor (apsara make nondust) (33x17x10)mm, noting sheets (green color)- f/s with margin , chart paper (multi color), flip chart paper (multi color oddy) , drawing sheet (big size), transparency (sbc) a4 size (210 x 297 mm), transparency pens multi color (luxor make), stock register (jindal make - 440 pages 8 coir), stock register (neelgagan make - 440 pages 8 coir), stock register (ismarta make - 440 pages 8 coir), transparency sheet protector pouch (sun) a4 size sp-310 (sp - 30) , despatch register (jindal make) 350 pages, despatch register (neelgagan make) 350 pages, ruled sheets (classmate) a4 size, brown paper ( big size 60 gsm) 480 pages rim, brown paper ( big size 100 gsm) 480 pages rim, writing slip pad no. 33 (shiva), writing pad no. 8 (neelgagan) no. 33, stapler- model kangaroo no 10 max, stapler pins- model kangaroo no 10 max, punching machine - kangaroo 600, carbon paper black/blue (kores) type 145, white board duster - (jaypee) ordinary, stamp pad - (ashoka) 110x70 mm (plastic), stamp pad ink 30 ml bottle without oil - (ashoka), cello tape - (wonder) 1/2 inch size, cello tape - (wonder) 1 inch size, cello tape - (wonder) 2 inch size, brown tape - (wonder) 1/2 inch size, brown tape - (wonder) 1 inch size, brown tape - (wonder) 2 inch size, fevicol tube premier whhite adhesive 60 gm (pidilite), gum bottle- (camlin) 700 ml, glue stics (kores) 8 gm, wax (lac)- (ashoka) 400 gnm pkt of 10 stics, calculator - (casio) mj 120 d, 12 digits, box file (gola), box file (ismarta), plastic ring file a4 size 2d (ankita make), yellow clothing envelope- full size (16" x 12"), yellow clothing envelope- a4 size (10" x 12"), laminated envelopes - a4 size (10" x 12"), laminated envelopes - full size (16" x 12"), paper cutter medium - corporate (pearl), u pins 100 clips 28 mm (plastic coated), i pins 50 gsm, binder clips-(globe) 19 mm, paper clip multi color 28 mm size, red satin ribbon (1/2 inch) 10 mtr length, sccissor small steel (kangaroo), sccissor big brass with handle , gift wrapping sheets, bullioned clear bag a4 size, plastic folder- a4 size (kroone), plastic folder- a4 size (megha), stick on- small , plastic handle poker (national), spring file, plain register 4 coir (neelgagan), plain register 6 coir (neelgagan), plain register 8 coir (neelgagan), plain register 12 coir (neelgagan), plain register 24 coir (neelgagan), pen drive (16 gb), pen drive (32 gb), pen drive (16 gb) (h.p. make), pen drive (32 gb) (h.p. make), pencil cells - aa- 1005 mega power (everready brand), pencil cells - aaa- 1.5 v (everready heavy duty), file flapper of thick paper with white tag, green tags (big size), white tags ( small size), steel scale 12 inches (khyati sumo), plastic clear bag with button a4 size (karni ks201), dot matrix printer paper - single 70 gsm (10x12) inches 80 column, acknowledgement book (peon book - neelgagan) 96 pages , log book 96 pages for car (neelgagan), soft nepkins 200 sheets 20'"x20" (wintex), cotton cloth white, chalk box white (nondust) kores, dak receipt register neelgagan 500 pages, damper sponge case
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45534091
Closing Date 08 - Oct - 2021  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply s-ringej6000b-002598, key 4x7.05ej6000b-034850, valve safetyej6000b-050234, gasketej6000b-050631, sealing ringej6000b-034852, ring sealing 417x23ej6000b-005069, packing ringej6000b-005009, gasket 3230-f140ej6000b-071756, piston ring 22x19.4x3ej6000b-005097, gasket 1mmej6000b-071819, fixing clipej6000b-011561, gasketej6000b-2136434, v beltej6000b-2235181, circlipej6000b-002991, ring groundej6000b-071892, leather ringej6000b-030149, ring sealing 20x24x1ej6000b-005071, bush big endej6000b-3371612, circlip 26 x 12, 2 din 472ej6000b-002981, ring sealing a30x36ej6000b-005017, ring sealing 36x40x1ej6000b-005106, filter air intakeej6000b-011803, gasketej6000b-035553, sleeve cylinderej6000b-071883, packingej6000b-071884, ring stopej6000b-2230173, seal shaft 47x70x12 from 132 kg.ej6000b-001888, seal ringej6000b-005006, gasketej6000b-051530, discej6000b-051531, gasket 1mmej6000b-070374, gasket 3230-f142ej6000b-071758, gasketej6000b-071782, packing ringej6000b-005028, gasketej6000b-003496, spilt pin 3.2x25ej6000b-004554, pin 3230-f173ej6000b-071776, piston stage 1/11 cap1.3230e37ej6000b-071860, ring stopej6000b-2230172, bufferej6000b-030002, bearing ball 62102zej6000b-03499100, oil lubrication pumpej6000b-038362, valve safetyej6000b-050224, r-ringej6000b-002642, piston ring 100x91.4x3.5ej6000b-002755, gasket 45x50x1ej6000b-005116, lock washerej6000b-053737, connecting rod bearing half shell (finish bore)ej6000b-060986, circlip 50x2 din 471ej6000b-002435, piston ring 31x35x1ej6000b-002641, bufferej6000b-011545, suction sieveej6000b-030547, ring distanceej6000b-071942, gasketej6000b-005016, key 4x5ej6000b-004811, gasketej6000b-3371689, pump cooling waterej6000b-072760, ring distanceej6000b-071893, coil for solenoid valveej6000b-035346, piston stage 1/11 spl nut3230-ej6000b-071890, pneumatic drain valveej6000b-061078.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45511223
Closing Date 07 - Oct - 2021  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ej2030v-cv80-160-1670hose complete, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-2250roller bearing, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1905o ring, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-2300inner circlip, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-2340adjusting ring, ej2030v-cv65-250-2022strainer, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-1220mechanical seal, ej2030v-kgefc-11-4-0320plug, ej2030v-kgec-16-6-0590oil sae 20 grade, ej2030v-cv80-160-0120impeller, ej2030v-cv80-250-2850bulb set, ej2030v-cv65-250-0210spacer sleeve, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-1500air wheel, ej2030v-cv65-250-0250lantern pieces, ej2030v-cv65-250-1760tank, ej2030v-cv65-250-1920shaft sleeve, ej2030v-cv80-160-1500air wheel, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-2210coupling key, ej2030v-cv80-160-2100bearing housing, ej2030v-cv65-250-1630t-piece, ej2030v-cv65-250-1670hoses, ej2030v-cv65-250-2100bearing bracket, ej2030v-cv80-160-2240adjusting bush, ej2030v-cv80-160-2260ang. con. bearing, ej2030v-cv65-250-1500air wheel, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-1220mechanical seal set, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1820cap nut, ej2030v-cv65-250-000002compound gauge, ej2030v-cv65-250-0300gasket, ej2030v-cv65-250-b3m2tl-1670flexible hose, ej2030v-cv65-250-gask000025casing gasket, ej2030v-cv65-250-0100pump casing, ej2030v-cv65-250-0110pump cover, ej2030v-cv65-250-1220mechanical seal, ej2030v-cv65-250-1720knee, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-0210distance sleeve, ej2030v-cv65-250-1860impeller key, ej2030v-cv65-250-b3m2tl-1511primimg unit non return valve, ej2030v-cv80-160-2180oil seal, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-2250roller bearing, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-0800allen screw, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-0130case wear ring, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-0201cplg spider, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1501hose complete, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1860impeller key, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1880allen bolt, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1890air wheel key, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-2180oil seal, ej2030v-cv65-200-b3m2tl-1511primimg unit non return valve, ej2030v-cv65-200-b3m2tl-2250roller bearing skf make nj306c3, ej2030v-cv65-250-1510self priming casing, ej2030v-cv65-250-1740socket, ej2030v-cv65-250-2180oil seal, ej2030v-cv80-160-0130wearing ring, ej2030v-cv80-160-2250roller bearing, ej2030v-cv65-250-1900shaft sleeve, ej2030v-cv65-250-2200shaft, ej2030v-cv65-250-2240adjusting bush, ej2030v-cv65-250-ggay000205pressure guage, ej2030v-cv65-250-incl000007internal criclip, ej2030v-cv125-250-000002compound gauge, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-1905"o" ring, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-2260bearing ball set, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-0110stuffing box, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-0120impeller, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1511non return valve, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-2360outer circlip, ej2030v-cv65-250-0120impeller, ej2030v-cv65-250-1501hose, ej2030v-cv65-250-1511nrv, ej2030v-cv65-250-2110bearing cover, ej2030v-cv65-250-2210coupling key, ej2030v-cv65-250-2260ang. con. bearing, ej2030v-cv80-160-0300gasket, ej2030v-cv80-160-1900shaft sleeve, ej2030v-cv65-250-1650air inlet valve, ej2030v-cv80-160-1220mechanical seal, ej2030v-kgefc-11-4refrigeration sea waterpump, ej2030v-cv65-250-0130wearing ging, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-1511non return valve, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-1900shaft sleeve, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-0130wear ring (bronze), ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-0950pressure gauge assembly, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-0960vaccum gauge assembly, ej2030v-kgefc-16-3-b2-0220ring, ej2030v-kgefc-16-6-0140suction cover, ej2030v-kgefc-16-6-0350shaft sleeve, ej2030v-kgefc-16-6-0170suction valve, ej2030v-cv65-250-wrrf000942wearing ring, ej2030v-kgefc-16-3-b2-1150oil seal, ej2030v-kgefc-16-6-0380mechanical seal, ej2030v-kgefc-16-6-0130impeller, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-2200pump shaft, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-7562contactor, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-0970avms, ej2030v-cv50-200b2m2tl-7560bulb, ej2030v-cv50-200-b2m2tl-2360outer circlip, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-2300inner circlip, ej2030v-cv65-250-shff000337pump shaft, ej2030v-cv65-250-b2m2tl-1650shifting device assembly, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-950-960gauge assembly set, ej2030v-cv65-250-arwf000184air wheel, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-2360outer circlip, ej2030v-cv65-250-chnt000001check nut, ej2030v-cv65-250-0410supporting foot, ej2030v-cv65-250-7010-120compound gauge, ej2030v-cv65-250-key0-000282key set, ej2030v-cv65-250-3012o-ring, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-2260angular contact ball bearing, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-1510self priming casing, ej2030v-cv50-200-b4m2vl-2260angular contact ball bearing, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-0130case wear ring, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-1511non return valve, ej2030v-cv65-nrvf000004nrv, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-0201cplg spider, ej2030v-cv65-250-950-960gauge assembly, ej2030v-cv65-250-b4m2vl-950-960gauge assembly set, ej2030v-cv65-250-000001pr. gauge, ej2030v-cv65-250-0211-120set of coupling bolts, ej2030v-kgefc-16-6-0730lip seal, ej2030v-kgefc-16-6-2300key, ej2030v-cv65-250-srac000035anguller contact ball bearing, ej2030v-cv80-160-1511non return valve, ej2030v-cv80-160-1650air intel valve.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45558846
Closing Date 07 - Oct - 2021  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of alarm module es6031d-7596346000, supply pcb es6031d-7596382000, display pcb es6031d-7596383000, pneu/spring iso distributor es6031d-7596332000, spring pack(new) es6031d-7529531000, base gasket for pnumatic distributor es6031d-7596718000, micro pcb es6031d-7596384000, fuel inj pump assly(with gradient) es6031d-7526060000, lt water pump assly(bronze) es6031d-7526860000, rack position transmitter es6031d-7442101000, shaft speed indicator es6031d-7592605000, inner star es6031d-7529563000, pneu./pneu.iso distributor es6031d-7596330000, damping bush es6031d-7427905000, fresh water thermostatic valve range 74-82 dec c es6031d-7550310000, clogging indicator icf30el5 es6031d-7530710000, level switch es6031d-7438201000, flow switch for l o priming safety es6031d-7552552000, regulation valve 6436-1c-25-20-32pa es6031d-7550910000, turbocharger speed monitoring system for corvettes es6031d-ex00100003, pneu p.b. pneu return black es6031d-7597130000, cd3 cable (5mm) es6031d-7596342000, bearing ing-elges ge60 sw es6031d-7529538000, pneu p.b. spring return green es6031d-7597129000, spacers es6031d-7529536000, scanner thermocouple pcb es6031d-7596379000, regulator spare kit es6031d-7596745000, pr switch 4140-c-k-1-e-21-aao 1.6 bar min es6031d-7552508000, pressure reducser 30/7 bar es6031d-7596707000, emerg. stop push button es6031d-7596355000, main bolts es6031d-7529553000, magnetic pick up for turbocharger es6031d-7591016000, solenoid valve (nomo-24 vdc) es6031d-7596334000, ball joint sfg 12 uniball es6031d-7905618000, locking bolt m14-60/29 u 10.9 es6031d-7426028000, safety valve es6031d-7596701000, gfl bolts es6031d-7529581000, limit switch es6031d-7597136000, bush(32301) es6031d-7529571000, bush(32307) es6031d-7529558000, o ring es6031d-7508412000, o ring es6031d-7906015000, gfl nuts es6031d-7529582000, gfl washer es6031d-7529585000, hex. headed screw es6031d-7451512, disc spring washer es6031d-7529559000, pump screw (bar) ek3010b-7904626000, circlip external 90 mm es6031d-5050190000, screw for 1042p es6031d-7451503, locking washer 10704 ce+te es6031d-7451514000, pre. disc. es6031d-7451502, gasket es6031d-206268, locking washer es6031d-7451519, hex. headed screw es6031d-74515, gasket es6031d-206055, socket screw es6031d-7451518, lifting eye es6031d-7457501, kit of tool for bbc vtr es6031d-7452530, locking washer es6031d-7451515, o ring es6031d-182345, float type level switch es6031d-7531310000, starting air valve es6031d-7450102000, shaft speed indicator(light) es6031d-7597142000, pressure regulator es6031d-7596744000, alarms connector es6031d-7597107000, injection pump assly. (dia. 23 mm) es6031d-8105950000, lub oil priming pump set es6031d-8169510000, assembly distributor es6031d-7460824000, filter ring es6031d-8117830000, felt segment es6031d-8117828000, fuel clogging indicatior es6031d-7447501000, distributor=electro pneumatic, spring return es6031d-8191186000, starting air valve assly es6031d-7204020000, metafarm bush bp25-16/20x20 es6031d-7904808000, extractor for injector es6031d-7955110000, o ring 1d 111x3.5 nitrile es6031d-7915294000, paper insert es6031d-7915253000, o ring an33 7pb 496 es6031d-7228510000, governor es6031d-7230801000, air valve ek3010b-7248905000, temperature sensor assembly es6031d-7460926000, spring location pin es6031d-7255220000, pressure plate lock pin ek3010b-7255239000, driving ring msv 230h ek3010b-7255244000, actuator ek3010b-7448965000, inlet thermostatic valve ek3010b-7460331000, spring location pin ek3010b-7255220000, sensor for bearing temp es6031d-7535201000, neele valve es6031d-7436804000, copper washer(12x18) es6031d-5050810000, washer copper es6031d-5050835000, washer copper es6031d-5050819000, washer copper es6031d-5050820000, washer copper es6031d-5050814000, bearing large end pairs es6031d-7436910000, clamping collar es6031d-7907809000, toothed quarnt ek3010b-7439804000, shim injection ek3010b-7439817000, disc spring ek3010b-7248863000, zinc rod ek3010b-3005105000, set of replaceabls (sofrance filter) es6031d-8067010000, distributor es6031d-8191185000, switcg, 2pole on/off switch 40a, 24 vdc es6031d-8191286000, fuel filter element es6031d-7935206000, hour counter es6031d-8191171000, se card es6031d-8191192000, pressure transmitter with base es6031d-8191166000, packing es6031d-7935018000, set of replaceable (perplex filters) es6031d-8173011000, pressure controller es6031d-7596108000, loctite 549 ek3010b-7900135000, pneu. switch es6031d-7597132000, gauge pressure ek3010b-3011585000.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45587933
Closing Date 04 - Oct - 2021  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract of workshop equipments - general washing rig, lathe central, shaping machine, vertical drilling machine, bench grinder, lp air compressor, spray painting booth, aircraft washing rig, arc welding machine, power hack saw, circular saw, wood surfacing/ planning machine, jumbo diesel, de-mineralised water plant for one year at ins utkrosh.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 45621301
Closing Date 04 - Oct - 2021  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of 12 station cross fit multi gym for ins jarawa gymnasium.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 45615699
Closing Date 01 - Oct - 2021  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of fogging machine as per is :14855 (part-i)
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 45457060
Closing Date 30 - Sep - 2021  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spin coating equipment
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